Do you Blame or Claim?

The next time you find yourself backing out of a friends dinner party using the excuse that you have to celebrate your sister-inlaws step-dads birthday… just say, “no thank you.”

Do you find yourself making excuses for things that you should  politely decline? Do you feel pressure to make an excuse for something that isn’t a priority in your life? Is it the same reason you find it difficult to click the RSVP button indicating you “Can’t go?”

Sure, you might be missed. You might feel like you won’t be invited in the future. But when the time comes for an event that is a priority, you will know the activities you participate in are choices, not defaults. Thus you will be able to respond quickly and efficiently, knowing that you will indeed attend!

There’s nothing wrong with claiming the things in your life of important. In fact, friends will appreciate your candor more than your sheepish rejection mascarading as a candlelight vigil for your neighbor’s daughters iguana.

Own it. Claim it. Live it.


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