Emotions of Change.

Emotions and change – two topics that elicit beads of sweat and diversion tactics.

Weather it’s a daily routine upheaval due to a sick child, or decades of normalcy shifting in the retirement of a spouse, change requires patience. Everyone needs time to adjust to a new (or temporary) norm. This accepted paradigm shift can assist in the enjoyment level, ease of transition and management of stress, that comes from change.

Think about your drive to work this morning. How many traffic pattern changes were altered due to construction? This seems to exaserbate motorists attempting to get from A to B, when caught off guard. However, if you were given the information last night and had time to create an action plan to avoid the bottle neck, the stress was lessened because you were allowed to take control of your schedule and path.

So, if your day includes short-term snafus including a full moon, a cranky child, or co-workers that are out sick; or the long-term change of retirement, divorce, loss or relocation, give yourself time to adjust, embrace the new situation and approach it with the same vigor that you did with your previous routine. And keep in mind, you may not be the only one adjusting. Give grace to your family and friends (or cohorts stuck in traffic) as you are all trying to navigate in a new direction.


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