The Red Cup Debate.

I must admit, I am a bit confused.

Starbucks has never put angels, wise men or the baby Jesus in the manger in their marketing. We are not talking about Chick-fil-a here. Starbucks has never took a stance for or against religious preferences or faith based beliefs. And with their multitude of investors with varying backgrounds, I wouldn’t expect them to.

To make it even more of a head scratcher, people seem to be ticked about the absence of snowflakes and reindeer… which, I personally have never ready in any of the Gospels about the birth of Jesus and their inclusion.

This makes me wonder, are people just upset that their holiday cup o’ joe isn’t being adequately represented, having nothing to do with faith at all? I am a huge fan of coffee. I like making my morning caffeine jolt fancy and adding flavors, varying types of milk and a tad of whip… ok, a ton of whip. Yet I assure you, it will taste the same in a white cup, fall cup, red cup or cup with hearts, dots and unicorns (as requested by a seven year old).

Let us remember that it is a great start to the day, a fun way to connect with friends and a comfortable way to meet new business associates but it is not what faith is based upon, nor does it have any impact on the depth of holiday traditions.

Who knows, maybe next year they can debut a cup with a reindeer flying over a menorah while snowflakes decend on the baby Jesus. After all, not everyone who says Happy Holidays intends to dis Christians, Santa or Reindeer. Just make sure I get a new clean cup and I’ll keep enjoying my Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte.


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