10 signs you’re TYPE A

  1. You know how to properly fold a fitted sheet, so it fits neatly into a square and in the pantry.

It’s been said that only witches know how to fold a fitted sheet. But we know the truth, it’s type A people. And really, don’t bother trying if you can’t do it right.

2.You believe trash goes into a receptacle, immediately.

Under no circumstances do you throw a wrapper on the floor, tuck it under the couch or put it in my purse. Hop up off that complacent rear and drop it in the trash, right now.

3. You clean while you cook.

Why would you want to spend an hour cooking and an hour cleaning when you can just clean up as you go? Duh.

4. You make lists and use them; usually in a notebook of various categories of them.

Look, with this much amazing knowledge stored in one place, it’s hard to keep on track of all of the lists. It’s better to just keep a walking journal of all the various tasks for home, work, kids, short term goals, long term goals and grocery lists on you, at all times.

5. Your closet is organized.

You might have hangars that match, clothes seperated in sections by type, season and color. It’s really about the details that make it unique. Most importantly, if it doesn’t fit, it needs to go.

6. You always cover food in the microwave.

Food explodes, it’s inevitable. There’s something about the microwave that makes a simple dish splatter to the four corners of that spotless interior within 15 seconds. But we know that a breathable lid or paper towel goes on top of  every plate, bowl and dish.

7. You believe that empty beds need to be made.

If you are not in it, it needs to be made. Yes, we are just going to sleep in it again tonight. And the covers will be straight, tucked and fresh for another perfect nights sleep if it’s made before we peel back those starchy folds.

8. You have at least two long-term goals.

Your goals may change, but you always have something on the horizon. Want to learn to sail, live on the beach or start a business? Chances are pretty good you always have several ideas for growth and development in your mental pipeline at all times.

9. You respond, file and delete email.

Ugh, email accounts are so overwhelming it would be easier to hire someone to clean them out or just delete it all together and start over. Grab it, read it, respond to it, file it, use it and unsubscribe. Whew, that feels better.

10. The success of your day is directly coorelative to the amount of items checked off your to-do list.

Scratching items off, checking boxes and highlighting according to your accomplishment system balances cortisol levels which help you feel more relaxed and peaceful. And ah, to throw a list away can carry you through a week on a cloud.

Now, back to those sheets…


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