Marketable Mistakes

People see you as fast-moving, motivated, and sure of yourself. You always have a plan and know what needs to be done. You don’t accept excuses, whining or delay tactics. Be aware, there are people waiting on the sidelines for you to mess up.

Some people like to propel themselves through the errors of others, rather than work for it. It comes out as a snarky chuckle under the breath that reads, “finally you screwed up and I caught you.”

Sorry to destroy the party in your head… anyone who works for it knows that errors happen all of the time. If you don’t try you won’t make a mistake. Therefore, let me assure you that actionable people also fall short. Yes. There it is. Motivated, intelligent go-getters with a penchant for pushing the green button make mistakes.

These mistakes can vary. Some examples include using e before i when there’s no c in sight, not parking squarely between the lines, adding a few too many letters to a word, forgetting to add a referred image to a blog, missing the mark on a hotlink, occasionally losing their patience or forgetting to put their mug under the Keurig before pressing play.

In the end, these small shorts are representative of the old adage, “to be successful, you must fail.” Furthermore, you must admit that you will make mistakes. I am here today to admit, I’m fallible. Are you?


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