An assessment: What tools do you need to succeed?

As a strategic thinker, you look near and far for potential outcome. Not just the overarching goals, but the details in the day-to-day that will help you get there, one painstaking detail at a time.

Most people start their day with tools. Think about it. What are your essentials? Is it a cup of coffee and mascara? The Wall Street Journal and a diet coke? The news and a hot tea? Blogs and a Dr. Pepper? Your favorite book and a protein smoothie?

Each person has a tool box that get them started and keep them going each day. What five websites do you use the most each day? What five apps do you open frequently? There are things you can do to use time efficiently and promote progress. Have you thought about regrouping your apps on your cell phone? Having your websites auto display in open folders when you log onto your computer? Who are the people you call most often? Do you have them on speed dial buttons on your phone?

What do most people want more of? Time and money. Streamlining tasks and rethinking norms helps everyone to use time more efficiently, resulting in more profitability through better utilization.

Find yourself running to the copy room three times an hour? Consider a printer at your desk. Much like planning errands based upon location, it keeps you from unnecessarily bouncing back and forth, wasting time and getting lost on the way.


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