Perception vs. Assumption

Opportunities can be limited, redirected or completely missed based upon the human ability to accurately perceive or assume. Marketers deal with perceptions and assumptions daily, determining appropriate messaging.

If you acknowledge and accept that people hate to be sold to yet don’t want to miss an opportunity, messaging has to be unique for each target. Over time the target splinters off like a broken tree limb into micro-targets. 

If perception is our way of understanding or interpreting, assumption is our ability to accept something as truth without proof. Unfortunately, savvy publics have trouble accepting a truly great offer when it falls in their lap due to their interpretation of the offer and assumption of negative motive by the giver.

A few years ago my husband received an offer in the mail from a hotel for two free nights. He perceived it to be either bogus or a ploy to wrap him into a sales presentation. He then assumed it was not beneficial and pushed it aside.

While I agreed with the perception, I decided not to assume their intent and called to see what the catch was. It turns out, they wanted us to experience their quality and service. Because I didn’t assume it was harmful, we had the opportunity to experience something new.

While it’s good to be cautious, it can be very positive to set aside perceptions, assume the best and try something new. Indeed, how will you ever know, unless you try it?

Have you tried shopping on It’s free. No catch.Perceptionvs.assumption


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