Grateful Thanksgiving

What a wonderful time of year to put our thoughts toward positive things, people and opportunities in life. So often it’s easy to get caught up in the tidal wave of unpleasant nuances that tend to ruin our days.

While Thanksgiving focuses on the pleased expression of gratitude, I am also reminded of gratefullness.  This welcome feeling (or showing) of appreciation and kindness pays forward the gratitude felt in thanks.

As a holiday that is food centric, I am reminded why I started Gratefully Going Gluten Free, to help others remember to be thankful they can positively impact their health through diet changes.

Food is emotional and food allergies tend to leave a longing for favorites of old, when eliminated. Fortunate for myself, my children and so many others like us, we have the ability to make choices in our diet that can be implemented to heal our gut, our overall wellbeing and avoid extreme disorders.

For those who are struggling with a new diet this holiday, please remember that this change is positive, is healing, you are making the choice to better yourself. Know that this will get easier, you will become less emotional about food, you will have occasional cravings but you are not alone. You can do this!

Written by Tifney Fields, MA, Celiac, Owner Binbuds


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