You’re a mean one…

Are you sweet as honey? Or a mean one?

I was watching “How the Grinch stole Christmas” last week with my kids and it reminded me that people don’t always choose to be mean. Sometimes we fall into a pattern unexpectedly because of the way we are treated by others. He really gave it a go, even against his own desires and he was still mistreated until the end. If not for the love of a child, he would still be up in the cave trying to ruin Christmas.

Do you know someone like this? Someone who preys on others for their own benefit? Let’s just call them the Mayor of Whoville. Unfortunately, some people don’t feel they can succeed unless they bring someone else down. It’s all based on fear.

The old saying, “you can’t change someone” may be true. However, you can positively influence them enough to want to change on their own. Join me in having this influence on the un-influenceable!

Join this mantra: “I am strong and independent. I help make change. I take action. I make things better. I care for others. My growth is not dependent upon others failure. I can make my own success. I don’t need to take from others. I will stand up for what is right. I will make a difference with my actions. I will do my best every day. I will lead with integrity. I will approach every day with thankfulness. Someday I will change the world.”


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