Lets talk about it.

Just when you think no one wants to hear about your freakish inability to eat… normal. (Whatever that is). You run onto someone who hugs you out of sheer desperation to feel normal. 

As my son asked to borrow a red solo cup and was denied due to its adult contents, I assured the bearer there was no harm since he was gluten free. Instantly she looked at me like her grandmother had descended from heaven in the form of a dove.

There I stood waist deep in the pool while a very friendly woman, near to tears, hugged it out with me. We had just met. And no, I don’t look that good in a swimsuit.

You see, that woman was having a conversation about the difficulties of being gluten free in a world where it’s not considered a priority, or understood. While some say peanut allergy and people run in four directions to find an epi-pen, there is a look of confusion and dis-concern with gluten.

This woman was desperate to find someone she could relate to and talk with. Sometimes it’s just worth mentioning you have Celiac, you never know who might benefit from hearing the words that make them feel like they aren’t floating alone on an island.


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