Look kids, Big Ben and a Bakery

Regardless of what low calorie, sugar free, celery based, clean living, I-hope-to-poop-again-someday diet that I decide to go on, I have trouble passing up a bakery if they pass my allergy free muster.

Of all the adventures my family and I have been on, the one scouting for the best gluten free donut shop was my favorite! Most cities are lucky to have one within a hundred mile radius. Chicago has about a dozen within the city limits. After visiting them all and taking a sampling, we landed on Do-rite as our donut home of choice. Now, every time we visit we buy a dozen (or two) and freeze them. Yes, it’s worth $29.95. Yes, I will pay for delivery to my hotel. Download their app, it makes it that much easier.

From the halls of hotels in Nevada to the shores of Maui, we find our countries allergy free baked goods in the air, on land and sea; first to find and right our tummies, and to find their bathrooms clean. We are proud to claim the title of eating allergy free. (Maybe not as noble as the Marines, but our plight is fought and won with much determination.)

Yes, we eat out. Yes, we eat when we travel. I’m not that big fan of a protein/granola bars and my son is allergic to peanut butter so when we venture out, we tend to use the “Find me Gluten Free” app. It has been pretty reliable if you take into consideration the reviews of patrons and I know there are others breaking into the market like “Gluten Free World” app. The more resources we have, the better so log on, download them, use them and make sure to give feedback for others.

My key items I look for when traveling are #1 exclusive gluten free, this way I know they didn’t take chicken and rake the sauce off to create a menu therefore it’s more likely yummy. #2 vegan offerings because my little man needs dairy and egg free too. #3 is it open? Duh! This may seem like a no-brainer but I wish I had a pair of Louboutin’s for every shop I’ve gone to that had a three-day-a-week schedule with weekends and full moons off. #4 What is the star rating? And read comments since some people think that the wait staff needs to be “impressive” for it to be worth eating there. (what does that mean, anyway?) #5 does it have a “safe for celiac” rating?

Don’t be afraid to eat out with allergies. Just don’t be afraid to ask questions. And be confident enough to let the server, manager and cook (if necessary) know that you are not on a fad diet and this is necessary for your health. There are so many amazing restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops out there just waiting for you. Be safe but be adventurous!




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