For the love, of feet.

When pots of coffee and fifteen minute power naps just aren’t enough, I steal away for an hour of me time.What do I do for myself?

Given that I don’t tend to even have bathroom trips alone (it’s just easier to leave the door open than try to interpret my children’s muffled request for snacks through the door) an hour of me time usually only takes on one form, massage.

With the onset of inexpensive options, outside of spa settings, I can do this for as little as $30 and as late as 8pm. Most people don’t realize that those little dives sandwiched between the local liquor store and pub, with names about feet are actually legit.

Equally surprising are the massages. They are not all about feet (although I would be fine with that). These full bodied, fully clothed massages include a foot soak and massage, dim lighting and music varying from asian chants to Kenny G.

Let me just answer the obvious: Is it relaxing in a room with other people? Yes. I’m guaranteed to take a power nap with a recharge capability of a small car battery. Has anyone ever offered services that were, uh, unexpected? Although this relaxing retreat makes me very happy, No, not one of them has ever created an awkward situation offering a happy ending.

I will say they are stealthy, disguised with names like “foot or feat” retreat, finesse, shop, fancy, spa, euphoria, quest and more. They are actually offering a relaxing massage without referring to themselves as a massage parlor.

Massages are great for circulation, detoxing, relaxation and a myriad of benefits related to the reflexology (or foot love). This is a wonderful way to enjoy a luxury service for an affordable price. For the love, of feet, check it out!


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