Gluten Free layered dip

I’m not sure about the “seven” layers so we are just going with layered dip. After all, it can be as many or as few layers as you want it to.

We LOVE Mexican inspired food in our house and I’m pretty sure my kids could live on corn chips. This was one of our New Year’s Eve treats and it was a crowd pleaser.

I used a 9×9 casserole dish for the quantity of ingredients. You can always double and go with a larger dish.

1Can Refried beans (I used trader joes)
1 8oz sour cream mixed with 1/2 package trader joes taco mix
4 individual servings Eat Wholly Guacamole (or an 8oz container)
6-8oz Shredded Cheese (more trader joes)
1Can sliced black olives
1/2Can tomatoes with green chilis
1Bunch green onions (chopped)
Chips to garnish

You could add a layer of beef on top of the beans or sub for beans.
You could also leave out the sour cream and mix the taco seasoning into the guacamole for a dairy free option.


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