The sound of nails on a blackboard

I’m angry to the point of tears.

Some people may not consider finger nails, hair and skin to be health and wellness related. I do.

Something I do for myself is maintenance manicures. I like no chip polish to get a little bit more life out of them.

My experience today made me realize I may as well have taken my polish off with a belt sander at home.

As a busy, mom I try to use vendors that are close to the activities my kids are involved in. As a result, i’ve been getting my nails done at a salon next to the taekwondo studio. Never again. 

All nail salons are not created equal. I’m disappointed beyond words that anyone would care so little about the quality of their work. I might as well have thrown that $20 out the window. 

Now to work on the weeks of healing for my paper thin nails and start over again. Fortunately, it wasn’t my hair or internal organs. 

End result, it’s worth the drive for quality.


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