This stinks!

Anyone who’s tried to go au naturale’ with their deodorant will tell you that the process of finding one that works will leave you smelling fowl.

I recently took a self proclaimed challenge to find the best working natural deoderant. I excluded over a dozen brands that had previously failed and started with 9 hopefuls. Granted, each brand works different on participants due to their chemical makeup, detox level, etc.

My findings, very simply, evaluated three things. Step 1, can I make it through an air conditioned day in the office without gagging from my own stench? If we can’t make it this far, there’s no point in a second date. Step 2, Can I make it through hot yoga? Granted, this is a big test. Considering the fact that I will be outdoors at events during the summer, this is a great way to test the maximum efficiency of a deoderant. Step 3, Can I touch up during the day?

My findings?

In third place, Naturally Fresh deodorant crystal, made of natural mineral salt and aloe vera. It’s a solid stick that you run under the faucet to activate against your skin. If you don’t like the feeling of perspiration, this is the one for you. It’s made by Seychelles organics and can be found at or Fresh Thyme.

In second place, Alvera Aloe and Almond Roll-on deodorant,  made of aloe vera, arnica, calendula, coriander, witch hazel, grapefruit seed extract and tea. It has a wonderful scent and touches up well. However, you must like the smell of Almond and be free from nut allergies. It is made by I found it at Fresh Thyme, however, it has since been discontinued from their store.

My favorite is a new deoderant, Schmidt’s Charcoal+Magnesium mineral enriched deodorant. Really, I’m in love. They had a special offer on their website, so I took a chance. It’s made with arrowroot, coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, jojoba, charcoal and vitamin E. It smells amazing, activates from the warmth of your body and held up to all three tests. I haven’t located it in stores yet but if you go to, they have a 30% off anniversary special right now. Enter the code ANNIVERSARY when checking out. Additional bonus, if you sign up for auto ship (one, two, three or four months available) they will give you free shipping too!

I hope you have found this information helpful.
Wishing you stink free days ahead!




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