Too much, too many.

Like most of us, chances are you could clean out a few closets, drawers and cupboards and purge. The items collected are unique to each person and some are especially troublesome, creating excess at exponential rates. These are a few of my personal overstuffed drawers:

  1. Socks
    Six months of the year I don’t even wear them, yet my drawer is so full of socks that I can barely get it open.
  2. Cookbooks
    I don’t have a ton of time to cook, I like to eat out and due to cooking for food allergies, I make the same thing fairly consistently. However, I have a couple hundred cookbooks, including ones that aren’t allergy friendly.
  3. Scarves
    This started when I was pregnant with my kids. I couldn’t get any satisfaction from my fashion and my size kept changing so I would buy scarves to accessorize. Now I have far too many to possibly wear.
  4. Kitchen Gadgets
    Reference cookbooks above. Cool stuff in the kitchen inspires me, just not enough to cook.  Maybe I’ll just keep my magic pot, magic bullet and mix n chop… since that is all I use anyway.
  5. Cans, Bottles, Tubes
    Anything that can be considered a toiletry item can easily find it’s way to my home. For some reason there are so many bottles of things that I can’t find what i need, when I need it, which results in… you guessed it, more.

    It’s time to purge! Healthy habits, healthy home. What do you need to get rid of?


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