Supplements for Celiacs.

I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist. I’m a recovering celiac sharing my experiences and the benefits I’ve had from supplements.

Vitamin deficiency is common in Celiacs. After having damaged villi, the body often has difficulty absorbing nutrients from food. As a result, supplements have become part of my daily routine.

Usually, people who don’t get enough sunshine, lack vitamin D and tend to experience lower immune responses. For those of us with Celiac, unless I have tons of raw milk and fish each day, it’s easier to use a supplement (especially in the winter).

Vitamin B12 helps with attitude, irritability and energy. Anyone with celiac could attest to the sleepy stupor that sets with the slightest intake of gluten… and nothing makes you more irritable than watching others eat your favorite foods in front of you. (ok, maybe a B vitamin can’t cure that one).

Vitamin C helps the body heal faster, and with Celiac, we can use all the help we can get!

I tend to find most of my vitamins at the local apothecary. However, I had the opportunity to try EZ Melts and out of curiosity I wanted to test (and taste). I have been pleasantly surprised at the ingredients (attested to by a family member that is in the medical field), the taste (fresh and natural flavors) and how quickly they dissolve.

I have read that most vitamins take so long to break down that they pass through your system completely undissolved! That’s a lot of money to spend for no efficacy. EZ melts can be put on the tongue or under the tongue and within a few seconds they are completely dissolved. They are completely gluten free. Spoiler alert… many vitamins have a coating on the outside that contains gluten! Talk about a hidden way to consume it without even knowing.

They are also GMO and sugar free. Last, but not least, they offer a discount to give them a try. Just go to and enter EZ20 as a promo code, for your first order (ahem, no matter what size).


ez coupon



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