Gluten free (west) Chicago, Pt. 3

When traveling to Chicago, we don’t always go downtown. In fact, with family in the burbs, we tend to spend a lot of time in the St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia areas.

There are so many quaint places that have amazing gluten free options out that way. In fact, this is just a few of my favorites. 

Mother’s Pancake House in St. Charles has gluten free pancakes and French toast, which is always a treat! Their gf pancakes are also dairy and egg free. I can’t help but endulge for French toast!

I will also visit Sweet Natalie’s in Geneva for treats. They have an ever rotating variety of baked goods, in a dedicated gluten free facility. Many of their items are also dairy free, as Wells’s other allergens. @sweet_natalies

Dinner usually finds us at Crosstown pub and Grill in Batavia. They have so many options that are unique, creative and tasty. You really feel like they spent some time putting a menu together that would be satisfying. Not just food but libations as well. They carry an array of gluten free beers that would encourage beer lovers to stop in too.

Don’t forget west Chicago and the burbs for gluten free food options. While these are just the highlights, I’m sure there will be more to share in the future. Follow my blog for update notifications!


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