Gluten free at Six Flags??

My family loves amusement parks. In fact, my husband and I got married next to a resort destination one and rode roller coasters at our reception. 

Since the kids have grown tall enough to enjoy all the parks have to offer, we decided to purchase season passes this year at Six Flags Great America. Since we are from Indy, it’s a hike regardless of where we go but a four hour ride also allows us to tap into all Chicago has to offer.

While doing my online food research I read that the park had gluten free options but they didn’t give any specifics. Restaurants and snack shops were listed but no menus.

When I entered the park, they searched our bags. Presumably for weapons but according to the posted signs, it was also for food. No outside for or drinks are permissible.

I stopped at the info desk to inquire about gluten free food options and was told they have one dedicated frier on the whole park… all the way at the back in the kids zone. But they also had healthy fare locations that would offer some non-fried options too. 

Over the 4th of July weekend we found the park to be maxed out with people and the parking lot full to the outer edges, yet the gluten free cafe, kidopolous, was not open. The go fresh cafe offered a salad. Not exactly the full flavored gluten free menu I was expecting. At least they had unsweetened tea (just about the only non sugary drink option in the park). 

I found a frozen yogurt place on the map and found that it too was closed. In order to find nourishment we went to the nacho stand and I asked to read labels. Even with the long lines I found a nice young man that walked me through each ingredient. We ended up with corn chips, liquid cheese and sour cream. 

I also found a candy store that offered caramel apples. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t just sell me an apple for my son who’s dairy free, without charging me the full caramel apple price.

Truth is, they could make some tweaks in the park that would make more food available for celiacs, like changing the taco seasoning on their nachos to one without wheat (same for the pico). They could verify what the turkey legs are cooked in and make them gf. They could offer cut up fruit at some of their locations. Even a hot dog stand would be helpful (if they didn’t pre-bun them)!

Unless you are Buddy the Elf and can live on cotton candy, Icee’s, spongebob ice cream bars, caramel apples and rock candy, don’t assume you will be able to eat at Six Flags. 😦

@sixflags I’d be happy to help!


Gluten free (west) Chicago, Pt. 3

When traveling to Chicago, we don’t always go downtown. In fact, with family in the burbs, we tend to spend a lot of time in the St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia areas.

There are so many quaint places that have amazing gluten free options out that way. In fact, this is just a few of my favorites. 

Mother’s Pancake House in St. Charles has gluten free pancakes and French toast, which is always a treat! Their gf pancakes are also dairy and egg free. I can’t help but endulge for French toast!

I will also visit Sweet Natalie’s in Geneva for treats. They have an ever rotating variety of baked goods, in a dedicated gluten free facility. Many of their items are also dairy free, as Wells’s other allergens. @sweet_natalies

Dinner usually finds us at Crosstown pub and Grill in Batavia. They have so many options that are unique, creative and tasty. You really feel like they spent some time putting a menu together that would be satisfying. Not just food but libations as well. They carry an array of gluten free beers that would encourage beer lovers to stop in too.

Don’t forget west Chicago and the burbs for gluten free food options. While these are just the highlights, I’m sure there will be more to share in the future. Follow my blog for update notifications!

Gluten free Chicago, Pt. 2

If we aren’t too full from day one, we usually wake up to more of our Do-rite donuts. When we order them, we get two dozen so there’s enough to eat when traveling and freeze the rest when we get home. 

We love to hop on the water taxi for a ride through town. It’s the best way to see the sights and a great way to avoid traffic. Non-holidays are $9 pp for an all day ticket so it’s also economical.

We usually pick up the taxi at the Michigan avenue location (at the base of the Trump tower) and ride it to China Town. In China town we visit Honey Dessert, located in La Mom Kitchen. They offer a unique array of chilled desserts that are gluten free. My favorite is shaved green tea ice and my kids like the smoothies with Boba. 

After our treat, we ride the water taxi back into town and catch a light dinner that is quick and casual. After a long day in the hot sun walking long distances, it’s usually a great time to grab something that doesn’t leave the kids waiting. Snap kitchen is one of the best to fill this gluten free need. @snapkitchen or download their app for pre-orders.

You can choose light or heavy, hot or cold and heat them up in the microwaves on site. It’s a grab and go pre-prepared meal haven. In fact, you can purchase meals ( like this lasagna) for the week if you want to!

My trips usually consist of a lot of walking and eating. Hopefully they balance each other out! 

Gluten free Chicago, Pt. 1

We love a quick trip to Chicago!

Since we live in the Indy area, we tend to take our quick weekends away in the Chicago area.

We find so many adventures and amazing foods from the plethora of available resources.

Stop one on my journey is always Do-rite donuts. They have the most amazing gf cake donuts in cinnamon, chocolate glazed, pistachio and birthday cake. For the 4th, they made them red, white and blue!

They also have an app, which I highly recommend downloading. When you place an order in advance, they will either hold it for pick up or deliver it to you (even in your hotel room) at the time you choose, for a nominal delivery fee.

Do this! Use the app and order ahead. They run out of gluten free donuts… and for good reason. They are amazing!! @doritedonuts

Nothing goes better with an amazing donut than an equally impressive cup of coffee. It just so happens that Do-rite carrys my favorite brand of coffee, Dark Matter. However, it’s worth a drive to their mothership for a latte. The mothership is their anchor store at 738 N Western Ave. @darkmattercoffee

The next stop on the journey is usually Toni Patisserie for macaroons. Their home made gluten free almond flour recipe will make you feel like you have stepped into France. @tonipatisseriecafe

Right around the corner is Le Pain Quotidien @lepainquotidien and although most of their baked items are off limits, my kids love their flourless chocolate chocolate cookies. Go early if you don’t want to miss out. They are huge!

I never claimed that my favorites were low calorie but they are gluten free and delicious! Stay tuned and follow my blog for more in the gluten free Chicago series! @chicago