Gluten free at Six Flags??

My family loves amusement parks. In fact, my husband and I got married next to a resort destination one and rode roller coasters at our reception.  Since the kids have grown tall enough to enjoy all the parks have to offer, we decided to purchase season passes this year at Six Flags Great America. Since […]

Gluten free (west) Chicago, Pt. 3

When traveling to Chicago, we don’t always go downtown. In fact, with family in the burbs, we tend to spend a lot of time in the St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia areas. There are so many quaint places that have amazing gluten free options out that way. In fact, this is just a few of […]

Gluten free Chicago, Pt. 2

If we aren’t too full from day one, we usually wake up to more of our Do-rite donuts. When we order them, we get two dozen so there’s enough to eat when traveling and freeze the rest when we get home.  We love to hop on the water taxi for a ride through town. It’s […]

Gluten free Chicago, Pt. 1

We love a quick trip to Chicago! Since we live in the Indy area, we tend to take our quick weekends away in the Chicago area. We find so many adventures and amazing foods from the plethora of available resources. Stop one on my journey is always Do-rite donuts. They have the most amazing gf […]