Bubbles. Bubbles. Pop, please.

Normally, bubbles are fun, relaxing and even clean! However, spewing out of the dishwasher is not where I want to see them.

This morning my daughter did the dishes for me and added dawn instead of cascade. Suddenly, my dishwasher sounded like it had an upset stomach.

Upon asking for help from friends and googling, I found several solutions including salt, vinegar and olive oil. It wasn’t working but I felt like I should throw in a couple of eggs, a dash of vanilla and a cup of gf baking mix just to round things out. 

Another solution said to scoop out the bubbles, wipe things down and start again. One even said to wait a day! I have never known a bubbling agent to deactivate by sitting. Feeling frustrated, I tried one more suggestion and filled the dispenser on both sides with fabric softener and prayed. 

Within three minutes of turning on the rinse cycle the bubbles disappeared and the washer started draining again. What a relief! 


Yoga is so… hot!

Yes, it’s hot. I suppose that’s why it’s called hot yoga. However, it serves with double meaning, as a noun and and adjective. 

As one of the most trendy forms of exercise today, hot yoga is HOT on the market; new, popular, exciting and a must try. 

Now, lets discuss the temperature. Yes, it’s hot. Blazing. Overwhelming. But stay with me. It’s worth trying. 

The first time my friend tried to introduce me I freaked. I hate being hot. I hate sweating. I wondered how I could possibly enjoy this activity. But I went…

Before I get to the results, let me give you a few tips on how to prepare. Eat light. I like evening classes. Those are not the days for Mexican food for lunch unless you want to try and fight to keep in down during class. Eat things that your body will easily digest, it will serve as fuel and not be sitting in your gut while you are trying to fold your body in half.

Next, drink an electrolyte drink before class. You will be hot. You will sweat. You need to prep your body so you don’t pass out or feel dizzy. My doctor recommended Endura from Metagenics. It works amazing for me, is gluten free and doesn’t contain extra sugars or unnatural ingredients.

Take a yoga mat and a beach towel to lay over the top to soak up sweat. Yes, even princesses sweat enough in hot yoga to need something to soak it up and help you maintain your footing. 

Last, take a hand towel that is absorbent, a water bottle that is completely full of ice, wear a headband and wear compression type yoga shorts and a tank top. There are skilled people who use yoga pants (even extra long ones) but as you are adjusting to the temps, it will make your body happy to breath. 

Back to my experience…

I started slow, took breaks when I needed them and I tried the poses as best I could. I quickly realized that my body was much more flexible than I expected, I detoxed all the gunk out of my pores and I made it! Then, after a cool shower, I slept like a baby. The. Best. Sleep.

So, if you are considering it but unsure, try it! Try the 60 minute class first (as opposed to the 90) but try it. Most will let you try a class, attend as a guest or use a “community”rate/class so you don’t have to sign up without knowing if you like it. 

I go to The Hot Room Indianapolis and they offer an introductory rate for the first month to get you hooked. It works. 

The cost of the “SALE”

Last week my son asked me why everyone knows about it, if it’s a secret. Of course, we were sitting in the car, parked in front of the mall, reading the window signs indicating the final days of a semi-annual sale on underwear.

His follow up question, once we went inside, was “why are there so many butts hanging out.” Yes, he was referring to the mannequin  displays… this time. 

I absolutely love the perspective this kid brings to my life. He often makes me stop and ask myself questions about things that I pass as normal. I have never thought odd, the name of the store or how the products were displayed. Until now.

So, what is healthy about underwear shopping with a seven year old boy, you ask. Not a thing… other than my perspective. Up to that point I hadn’t really thought about looking at my shopping experience differently. 

I had popped in just for the sale. I don’t normally go there unless I’m intending to redeem a free underwear coupon and on this day, I was fresh out. 

I loaded up my arms with items that sort of fit my needs, in colors I wouldn’t normally buy and took them home without trying them on. 

As a marketer I understand the sale tactic and yet, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I fell victim to it. Big time. 

To recover, I took it all back. I bought 5 pairs of my favorite underwear, in styles I liked and one bra in my favorite fit and a color, for everyday wear. Then I got a refund of nearly $60. 

Lesson? Yes, you save money if you just buy what you like, even if it costs more ($50 bra vs sale $19.99 bra) and there is a cost to hitting up a sale… no butts about it. 

Gluten free travel – GO!

Most celiac’s have anxiety when traveling. The thought of having to find a place to eat that is safe, is overwhelming. In fact, it often distracts from the joy that the adventure can bring. 

I have tried to take on a completely different perspective when traveling. In fact, one of the most exciting parts of traveling to new places is discovering what types of gluten-free food they have it in those areas. 

Granted, I tend to take back-up supplies with me such as think thin peanut butter bars, beef jerky and packets of gluten free instant oatmeal, as well as a few other nonperishables, but in most cases I don’t need them.

With the exception of Mexico, and other countries without clean water sources, I can always rely on fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement my diet as well.

However, I have found there to be a plethora of options in most cities that are exciting, enjoyable and safe to consume.

My favorite places to travel to have been:

Seattle, WA

Columbus, OH

Chicago, IL

San Juan, Puerto Rico

London, England

Keep an open mind, download the “find me gluten free” app, do a bit of online research before you go and pack a few resources just in case. But don’t be afraid to travel, instead be excited to find the next big thing in gluten free! 

Can I be Anxiety Free?

Anxiety can sneak in when you are least expecting it and rob you of any ounce of joy. What is it? Where does it come from?

anx·i·e·ty (noun):
  1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

This should explain why it makes me feel like electric wires are loose and randomly zapping my insides. My emotions are unstable. I can’t think straight. I’m disorganized and find it difficult to stay on task. Suddenly, I can feel as if my life is not as amazing as it really is.

There are certain events and interaction with specific people that bring on anxiety for me. Christmas is one that comes leaping to mind.

Each year, the two weeks leading up to Christmas send me into a flurry of activities. Between finishing work projects before my kids get out of school, planning class parties, moving the elf, buying gifts for everyone, organizing work parties, managing our social calendar; hitting up all of the reindeer sightings, Santa spots, museum exhibits, locating every positive memory inducing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take the kids to and wrapping presents… I lose myself.

I become so overwhelmed with all of the things that I “think” I need to do, the things others are counting on me to do, the weight of my children’s childhood memories and the normal day-to-day schedule that I am miserable.

This can manifest itself in others differently. I have a friend that is responsible for a parent, a spouse and a child that all have health disabilities that severely impact their level of anxiety on a daily basis.

Regardless of how it settles upon you, know that all hope is not lost. In fact, I became acutely aware of my event induced anxiety and started taking action. Some of the things that I did were simple but had a noticeable positive impact on me.

  1. Review the activity/situation. Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.
  2. Separate what “needs” to be and what is optional.
  3. In most cases, evaluate the amount of responsibility you put on yourself.
  4. Essential oils like lavender, frankincense, calming and de-stress in a diffuser help impact your mood. I often use Women’s balance at work.
  5. Acupuncture. I can’t emphasize this enough. I did it this year and I specifically asked her to focus on my anxiety.
  6. Exercise. Do something you love. If you don’t like interacting with people, do something quiet, or something with smaller classes or attend an office gym and wear headsets. I love hot yoga. No one interacts. It’s all about your personal journey.
  7. Prayer. Counter the physical with the spiritual.
    I have been reading in my devotional and came across this:
    “Anxiety gains a life of it’s own, parasitically infesting your mind. Break free from this bondage by affirming your trust in Me and refreshing yourself in My presence.”-Sarah Young, Jesus Calling
  8. Massage. Increase your serotonin levels. There are very inexpensive places (about $25-$30) to get acupressure “foot” massages that are full body and you can leave your clothes on (if you are weird about that side of massage).
  9. Watch what you eat. Less caffeine. Less refined sugars. Less processed foods. No food dyes, if possible. Give your body a chance to reset and heal.
  10. Probiotics. Gut health seems to connected to our overall health. I am Celiac so I am on a gluten free diet all of the time, but I still can have bad gut health based on what I eat, medicines I take and colds. So, I take a daily probiotic.

I hope you can find some relief with these suggestions. They worked for me and I was able to enjoy my Christmas this year, in the midst of my chaos. I now know it’s possible and I hope others will find joy in their journey as I have.