Hearty gluten free smoothie

I need something filling in the morning or I will resort to carbs every time. In my desire to get fit, I’m trying to make healthier allergy friendly food choices. 

This is a smoothie recipe I put together with some of my favorite foods. It blends better than you think and the avocado wouldn’t even be detective by people who avoid eating green things that aren’t a lifesaver.

1 Avocado

1 C frozen berries

1T Honey

1 Scoop Greek Yogurtein Coconut Flavor protein powder

1T Lemon juice

2C water

Blend in magic bullet and drink immediately!


Kale chips

Kale is one of the more polarizing things in life. Like cold weather, lipstick and exercise, you either love it or hate it.

Being in the healthier phase of my life, sans kool aid and little Debbie cakes, I have turned to all things green. Matcha, green juice, celery, zucchini, avocados and kale seem to be among the foods that I actually prefer to munch on.

I haven’t found a prepackaged kale chip that suits me. They seem to be coated or soggy. In search of something enjoyable, I started experimenting.

The recipe below can vary based upon what you sprinkle on top but I found to be enjoyable.

2 bunches fresh organic kale, washed, destemmed and torn into bite size pieces.

Dry with a paper towel

Place kale on top of wax paper (or parchment) coated with spray oil, then spray kale, with preferred oil. I like avocado or coconut spray. 

Sprinkle seasoning of choice on top. My favorites are either Wild Tree rancher steak rub, garlic blend or onion blend. 

Sprinkle what makes you enjoy it most. Dry seasonings work best so the cook time remains consistent.

Bake at 350 for ten minutes. The kale will shrink and harden but not burn. You can cool on the cookie sheet when done. 

Best when consumed immediately. Otherwise, poke a whole in a ziplock so it can breath. If housed in a sealed storage bag it starts to lose crispness. 

Kale on.

Supplements for Celiacs.

I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist. I’m a recovering celiac sharing my experiences and the benefits I’ve had from supplements.

Vitamin deficiency is common in Celiacs. After having damaged villi, the body often has difficulty absorbing nutrients from food. As a result, supplements have become part of my daily routine.

Usually, people who don’t get enough sunshine, lack vitamin D and tend to experience lower immune responses. For those of us with Celiac, unless I have tons of raw milk and fish each day, it’s easier to use a supplement (especially in the winter).

Vitamin B12 helps with attitude, irritability and energy. Anyone with celiac could attest to the sleepy stupor that sets with the slightest intake of gluten… and nothing makes you more irritable than watching others eat your favorite foods in front of you. (ok, maybe a B vitamin can’t cure that one).

Vitamin C helps the body heal faster, and with Celiac, we can use all the help we can get!

I tend to find most of my vitamins at the local apothecary. However, I had the opportunity to try EZ Melts and out of curiosity I wanted to test (and taste). I have been pleasantly surprised at the ingredients (attested to by a family member that is in the medical field), the taste (fresh and natural flavors) and how quickly they dissolve.

I have read that most vitamins take so long to break down that they pass through your system completely undissolved! That’s a lot of money to spend for no efficacy. EZ melts can be put on the tongue or under the tongue and within a few seconds they are completely dissolved. They are completely gluten free. Spoiler alert… many vitamins have a coating on the outside that contains gluten! Talk about a hidden way to consume it without even knowing.

They are also GMO and sugar free. Last, but not least, they offer a discount to give them a try. Just go to EZmelts.net and enter EZ20 as a promo code, for your first order (ahem, no matter what size).


ez coupon


Gluten Free Oatmeal Drops

Getting my kids to eat something nutritious in the morning is more of a challenge every day. Most breakfast foods are not naturally allergy friendly. We have four of the top eight allergens in our family (and three more that are less common, although just as difficult to work around).

This recipe is super simple and I managed to make it in 25 minutes on a school morning.

6 ripe bananas – peeled and mashed
1T Cinnamon
3C Freedom Foods Gluten Free instant Oatmeal with berries (market district)
1C Raisins

I mashed it all together with my mix and chop for a chunky texture and scooped into my mini muffin tin with a small scoop. Fast, easy and contains the mess.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes and let cool.
The bananas are very hot inside, so don’t do what I did and eat within the first 5 minutes.

The oatmeal in this mix is super refined and cooks quickly. These have a fantastic hearty texture and are secretly healthy for them. I won’t tell if you don’t.

FREE Donut holes: from gluten, dairy, rice and yeast that is.

This has been a tricky one for me. My kids are really picky when it comes to donuts. Honestly, I don’t know if I can ever win them over with a yeast free donut. I can’t blame them. I’m a light and fluffy kinda donut girl myself.

After three batches, I added and removed a couple things and ended up with something that reminds me more of a pancake but tastes really good. The key to donut holes is 1) have deep enough grease that you can drop balls and they won’t splat before they cook 2) don’t get the oil too hot or they will burn before you can get them all in the grease and 3) have your coating ready to go as soon as you pull them from the grease.

You will need a deep pan, pot or fry baby.

Coconut oil for frying (enough to have 2-3″ of oil in the bottom)

1 1/4C Bobs Red Mill GF baking mix
1/4C Brown Sugar
1/4t Nutmeg
1/4t Cinnamon
2T melted Earth Balance
1/3C Coconut milk
1/4C egg whites, whipped
1t Almond extract
1/4t baking powder

Use a small scoop with release for dropping into the oil for approximately one minute. Don’t drop too many at once or you won’t be able to retrieve them before they burn.

Pre-mix coating, option 1:
1/4C sugar
1/2t cinnamon

Pre-mix coating, option 2:
1C powdered sugar
3T Coconut milk
Retrieve from oil and drop in coating. Let cool and enjoy!


Some of my favorite ingredients…