Grandmas Cherry Torte, Gluten free

Through the years, grandmas cherry torte was a constant at holiday meals. For years we have tried to immolate it and somehow it just doesn’t taste the same. Maybe it’s just the love she put into making them for the enjoyment of the family that made them better. That was a lot of love. This […]

Gluten Free Hamburger Hash

Some nights I start with one ingredient and then build a recipe from there. I honestly don’t spend time in the grocery each week building each recipe by ingredient. I simply don’t have time or patience. This week I started with a bag of hash brown potatoes… fortunately, the rest just seemed to fall into […]

Allergy friendly pie? Yes!

Recently, I watched a video that has been stirring about on social media. No, not the cats. The other one. The one that Cheerios created to share how to use their product in new and exciting ways. While their recipe won’t work (as is) in my house, I decided to use it as a base and […]

GF/DF/EF/RF Brookies

I often share cool recipes I come up with using Brooke’s Naturals Mixes. This is one of my absolute favorite mixes, since my allergies served as inspiration for her mixes. If you haven’t tried these mixes, check them out at and buy a case. They are amazing! Once I found out my son had dairy […]

Gluten Free/Dairy Free Apple Chicken

Crock pot meals are my go-to this time of year. They are ready when you need them and dump-n-run prep. Earlier this week I quickly perused the shelf in my pantry for something that I could add to chicken and settled on the items below. Yes, it was easy. Yes, it was yummy. My kids even […]

GF/DF Morning Carb Delight

Carbs can be so comforting. Not to mention casseroles. Finding a breakfast casserole for allergies can be challenging however, this one involves one of my favorite comfort foods, tater tots. Try it out and see what you think. Spray casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray (I use trader joe’s coconut oil) Dump one bag of […]

Gluten Free Easy Apple Bake

Easy. Fast. Food. But not fast food. Home made. This is my favorite combo. Check out this one for a treat that your kids will love. 3 apples cored and sliced (I like pampered chef’s peeler/corer/slicer) 1 packet gf instant brown sugar oatmeal (there are several great ones, we used Bakery on Main) 1/4 stick […]

Life is like a box of brownies…

It was like having a little chocolate coated candy angel come from heaven to make yummy treats. Just. For. Me. It is admirable, not to mention understandable when people start food companies out of necessity for their (or their children’s) allergies.  What you don’t seem to find is people starting companies to bring phenomenal tasting, […]