Three steps to losing weight


It’s a crazy strategy.

  1. Join a gym.

Clearly finding a tool for exercise that works for you is a great way to start. It might be a video, 10 minutes of firming activities from your favorite magazine or committing to a monthly program at a gym.

The tool for losing the weight of excess “stuff” is, it’s online flat-fee, no comission consignment.

2. Use your membership.

Yes, you have to show up. Participating in the process and committing to the program legitimizes the membership. No one is going to lose the weight for you, it’s all about what you put into it.

Once you join, use it efficiently by posting as many items as you can. Everyone isn’t looking for the same thing so posting a variety will give you more opportunity to sell and “lose that weight”.

3. Talk about what you are doing.

Everyone gets motivaton from the support around them. Tell people you are on a new journey and find encouragement in what a new perspective gives. You might even find a friend who wants to jump on the journey wagon with you who will be a great accountability partner.

Put some skin in the game of getting rid of stuff, talk to friends about using and encourage them to shop too. The more people who are shopping, the more are buying. This is the best strategy for losing the weight of unwanted items.


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